Adena Portowitz is a musicologist, with special interests in Classic Music (especially the music of Mozart), and Music and Cognition. She lectures at the Interdisciplinary Department in the Humanities, Bar-Ilan University, where she also directs the Arts track. She is a senior researcher at the Yehuda Amir Institute for Social Integration in the Schools, Bar-Ilan University, and directs the Musical-Minds Jaffa program dedicated to promoting cognitive, social, and emotional skills through the study of music. She is the national coordinator of the activities for the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, Brussels, and a member of an international research team studying, “Factors affecting primary and secondary school children’s motivation to study the visual arts and music.”

She currently serves as editor of Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online.

She is the author of many articles in the fields mentioned, and will be contributing the article on the Symphonies of  J.C. Bach for the forthcoming volume on the Eighteenth-Century Symphony, edited by Mary-Sue Morrow and Bathia Churgin (Indianna Press).